Bill Mountjoy, CMRP, has joined CMMS Data Group as Vice President of Reliability Engineering

CMMS Data Group (CDG) is proud to announce that Bill Mountjoy, CMRP, has joined its team as vice president of reliability engineering. This is CDG’s first-ever reliability engineering employee.

Bill leads the division, with the mission of helping customers Make Reliability a Reality™, with over 25 years of reliability engineering experience. He’s implemented maintenance and reliability excellence best practice methodologies for several Fortune 500 manufacturing companies (Ocean Spray Cranberries, Frito Lay, Kroger, and Kerry Ingredients & Flavours) and supported over 150 global manufacturing operations. His tactical plant level and strategic corporate level work experience consistently provides organizations a practical perspective on delivering real results and brings more value to businesses and its customers.

Mountjoy will create and manage a reliability-focused division, providing strategic guidance to CMMS Data Group by aligning its new reliability engineering services with its current services and software solutions.

Bill looks forward to helping companies Make Reliability a Reality by sharing knowledge and ensuring quality results. He says that achieving this goal means creating a gateway between a company’s CMMS software package and current best reliability concepts / practices to produce real results. This ensures that businesses maintain a healthy return on their CMMS software investment, such as MVP Plant, CMMS Data Group’s award-winning CMMS software.

“Many companies only offer CMMS software while others only offer reliability engineering consulting services. As a result, businesses often struggle with fully integrating the two while implementing the necessary cultural changes required to achieve success.

The real value is in helping customers effectively utilize their software to apply reliability best practices to achieve business objectives, turning maintenance into a profit center. Turning maintenance into a profit center is the new dimension that we’ll be creating to set CDG and its flagship CMMS software apart in the marketplace.

— Bill Mountjoy

Ruth Hughes, founder and CEO of CMMS Data Group, says that maintenance and reliability improvements start with good CMMS data. With MVP Plant, we’ve enabled customers to collect precise CMMS data via MVP Plant’s mobile CMMS (automatic work, parts, and time tracking), user-friendly interface, OData APIs, and automated workflows. However, before Bill came on board, we didn’t have the expertise to leverage this data to lead customers to world-class maintenance. With Bill on board, customers can now achieve their desired level of Maintenance Optimization and Reliability Excellence (MORE!™)! And even if customers use a different CMMS or don’t have one, they can still benefit from the new reliability engineering offerings and Make Reliability a Reality.

“Bill Mountjoy is vitally important to helping customers take their maintenance and reliability program to the next level.

— Ruth Hughes

Bill has worked closely with CMMS Data Group since 2002 while working at Kroger as the manager of engineering & maintenance excellence. Bill is also quite familiar with MVP Plant. In 2014, he successfully implemented the software at over 40 manufacturing facilities while working as the director of engineering & asset optimization at Kerry Ingredients & Flavours.

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