Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Other Names

  • Asset Performance Management (APM)
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System
  • Facilities Asset Management System (FAMS)

Who Uses CMMS Software?

  • Maintenance / Facilities / Reliability Professionals
  • Parts Managers & Clerks
  • Planner / Schedulers
  • Plant Engineers & Managers
  • Purchasing Managers & Clerks
  • Requestors (Customers, Guests, Equipment Operators, Etc.)

CMMS Capabilities

When CMMS software is used to its potential, maintenance, facilities, and reliability professionals track, manage, report, and respond to CMMS data (equipment, work, failure codes, preventive maintenance (PM), spare parts, people, purchasing, etc.) to ensure customer satisfaction and to maximize the ROI of their physical assets.

Why it’s Needed

Companies make significant investments in physical assets and these assets need to be maintained on a regular basis just like your car. Most of us can remember to change our car’s oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles. However, when it comes to manufacturing plants or facilities, maintenance and facilities teams are required to maintain 100s, if not 1000s, pieces of equipment. This wouldn’t be difficult if all of the equipment was of the same make and model, however, this isn’t the case for manufacturing plants and facilities. Many different makes and models exist and without CMMS software, it’s impossible to remember when, let alone how, to maintain each piece of equipment.

To let you know how to maintain a piece of equipment, CMMS software tracks the following:

  • Parts
    • Location
    • Min. / Max. Stock Level
    • Quantity on Hand
    • Trasnactions (Check Outs, Returns, Receipts, Counts, Adjustments)
  • Tasks
    • Request Date
    • Scheduled & Actual Start Dates
    • Scheduled & Actual Finish Dates
    • Instructions
  • Skills
    • Employees need to possess certain skills (training / certifications) to perform certain tasks.
    • Those employees need to be available when the tasks come due.

CMMS software also tracks and reports on many other things such as people (maintenance employees, contractors, work requestors), work (requests, emergencies, projects, predictive), failure codes, solutions, purchase requests, purchase orders, etc.

Maintenance is a game of chess. CMMS software is required to win the game and checkmate the opposing forces (costs, downtime, inventory beast, part shortages, customer dissatisfaction, etc.), enabling organizations to remain profitable and competitive.

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