Tame the Inventory Beast to increase bottom-line profits.


The Inventory Beast lurks in inefficient, disorganized, dark, and dirty maintenance storerooms. It thrives on parts that are unidentified, obsolete, unlabeled, unnecessary, and unorganized. The thicker the dust, dirt, and grime, the tastier the treat.

Does the Inventory Beast prevent the following?

  • Quick and Easy Part Counts, Searches & Retrievals
  • Known Inventory Value
  • Reduced Part Shortages, Surpluses, Obsolescence
  • Minimized Inventory-Related Downtime
  • Inventory Organization, Accuracy & Optimization
  • Seamless Purchasing and Receiving
  • Low Inventory and Procurement Costs
  • Controlled Parts Access
  • Reliable Historical Records
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Maximized Bottom-Line Profits

Tame the Inventory Beast

CMMS Data Group tames inventory beasts by working with you and your team to:
  • Analyze storerooms and supporting procedures.
  • Optimize inventory management.
  • Share best practices.
  • Train on the following 5 Ss, a proven methodology, to organize and gain control of your inventory:
  • Sorting
  • Storing
  • Shining
  • Standardizing
  • Sustaining
Once the Inventory Beast is tamed and your maintenance storeroom is under control, a computerized parts management system will be explored to maintain that control, saving your company significant time and money.

Inventory Walk-Downs

Need help identifying and labeling parts? Look no further, we are here to help. Regardless if it’s a shelf, section, new equipment line, or a whole storeroom, we’ll collect the data and identify and label each part for you.

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Inventory & Storeroom Management: 3 Days

Recommended Audience: Inventory Clerks, Buyers & Maintenance Management

Learn the policies and procedures, best practices, and fundamentals of optimal inventory and storeroom management.

  • Day 1: Best Practices
  • Day 2: 5S Workflows & SOPs
  • Day 3: Layouts & Analysis

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