“MVP Plant CMMS software is great and user-friendly. It makes data transfer easy, provides insightful information, and saves our company a lot of time and money.”

Andrew Step, Maintenance Manager, Ciberia International

“Moving from an old CMMS to MVP Plant is like going from riding a dinosaur to driving a Corvette!”

Anonymous, Harcros Organics

“[MVP Plant] is great for tracking KPIs, downtime, and parts. It’s also great for scheduling, PMs, analyzing data, creating asset and parts lists, and attaching manuals, pictures, and so on.”

Krasimir Nikolov, Maintenance Planner, Kerry Ingredients & Flavours

“MVP Plant helped us organize and maintain our facility more efficiently. We now manage multiple units such as accounting, asset management, inventory, staff management, purchasing, and work orders all at once. Plus, Tech Support is approachable and professional.”

Henry Lopez, Project Manager, Southwest Water Company

“Willie and Andy are superstar consultants. Everyone on the team is impressed with their knowledge, professionalism, and responsiveness to our needs. I believe that we are in the greatest hands of care from CMMS Data Group. Thank you!”

Chris Kim, Director of Supply Chain Strategic Initiatives, WhiteWave Foods

“Since implementing MVP Plant, our Quikrete site reduced its unplanned downtime dramatically, resulting in increased production. Additionally, the PM scheduling module has allowed us, in some cases, to better identify future breakdowns and failures before they occur.”

Steve Marsh, Maintenance Manager, Quikrete

“Due to its flexibility, we make MVP Plant do whatever we want it to do and adapt it to our needs.”

Ted Melencheck CMRP, Maintenance Reliability Supervisor, Cargill

“I recently attended MVP Plant Essentials with Mobile CMMS training and it was a great! Michael was an excellent instructor and the class was thorough and hands-on. It was a small group which was nice because I could ask questions as needed. I definitely left with a lot more knowledge.”

Keith Krause, Maintenance, Black Cat Wear Parts

MVP Plant Delivers Big-League Results

Choose MVP Plant CMMS software for the smart simplicity, improved equipment reliability, and increased uptime that extends to your bottom line.
  • Built on a foundation of real-life maintenance, reliability, and CMMS / EAM / PM software experience.
  • Access MVP Plant from any desktop or mobile device with a web browser.
  • The training, services, and technical support to make MVP Plant a sustainable and invaluable element of your maintenance success
  • Every module and feature your work demands — plus more to save you time and make your job even easier, including excellent reports
  • Starts at $75 per month and includes 3 major upgrades every year.
  • Give your team the tool to win!

Based on Years of Customer Feedback

Helping customers with other CMMS / EAM programs provided us with invaluable, first-hand feedback about the features and capabilities customers most wanted in a CMMS:

  • Ease of Use
  • Dashboard (Live)
  • Alerts (Instantaneous)
  • Reports (Powerful, Yet Easy-to-Use)
  • Custom Report Builder

We started with these basic requests and set about creating the best CMMS / EAM program available on the market today.

Multiple Modules, With Great Features To Put Into Play:


Costs per account, cost center, department, and expense class.


Meters, equipment, repairable spares, spare parts lists, and just a single click to see total asset costs.


Manage inventory levels, reordering, vendors, warehouses, and more: Use min / max or reorder points; auto-populate purchase requisitions; cycle counts for inventory management; and a handy inventory history tab.


Crafts, skills, shifts, certifications, wages (include Contractors, too); features including advance notifications of employee certifications that are due to expire.


Purchase requests, purchase orders, blanket purchase orders, approvals, purchase history, and costs; Receive an email alert to approve a purchase request, click on the link to approve, and have POs emailed to vendors automatically.


Work orders, work requests, maintenance history, labor, and parts – All of the basics you expect, plus capabilities such as: multiple pictures in your work order instructions; enter meter or text readings in work orders and automatically generate condition-based tasks if they’re out of parameters – and do it all from a handheld device if you prefer. Manage predictive and preventive maintenance to reduce downtime.

See MVP Plant In Action

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MVP Defined

MVP stands for “Most Valuable Player”, just like in the big leagues. Each season, sports teams throughout the world choose an MVP based on characteristics such as skill, leadership and teamwork. By using MVP Plant, you and your company will become an MVP within your industry based on characteristics such as reliability, customer satisfaction and minimized maintenance / facilities costs. So manage all of your assets, maintenance, spare parts, and work orders with the power, confidence, and agility of an MVP! With MVP Plant.

MVP Plant™ Mobile CMMS

A solution that ensures accurate history and eliminates data entry so Maintenance, Facilities, Reliability, and Inventory personnel can focus their attention on uptime, customer satisfaction, and reliability.

Increased Reliability

Accurate history paints a clear picture for all personnel to see. With a clear picture, optimal decisions can be made to save time and money and increase equipment reliability.

Increased Productivity

Eliminate paper and time wasted. Transactions are entered wirelessly via keyboard, touch-screen, barcode scanner, or voice-to-text and reflected instantaneously in MVP Plant and across devices.

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MVP Plant™ Features

A solution that ensures accurate history and eliminates data entry so Maintenance, Facilities, Reliability, and Inventory personnel can focus their attention on uptime, customer satisfaction, and reliability.

Access relevant information easily when logging into MVP Plant.

Local administrators can import data into MVP Plant in batches.

Find answers to questions easily using MVP Plant’s built in Knowledge Base.

Search for a piece of information against a series of preset fields.

Creating Custom Fields for any of our Asset Classes is effortless with MVP Plant.

CMMS Data Group’s MVP Plant Mobile CMMS dashboard helps ensure accurate history and eliminates data entry for better uptime, customer satisfaction, and reliability

See What Our Clients Have To Say!

“[MVP Plant] has worked out great for us. It was everything that the salespeople told us it would be. They’ve gone outside the box to work with us, and their sales and tech services have been outstanding. Develop new ways of doing things and working with us.”

Greg Knudson

Maintenance Manager, Foremost Farms

“With MVP Capture, I can track everyone’s time. It’s like I have live data vs. waiting for everyone to turn in their paperwork. I immediately know what each person worked on throughout the day as well as what they worked on last. The guys love it too because they no longer have to fill out paperwork!”

Mike Grimm

Logistics Manager, MorningStar Farms

Achieve Maintenance Excellence

We’re here to help you and your team achieve maintenance and reliability success by realizing the benefits that MVP Plant has to offer.

MVP Plant Training

Onsite, offsite or online, combined with group discussions, practice exercises, reports, and CMMS Data Group’s personal touch, leaves you and your team comfortable and confident with newly gained knowledge.

Data Entry & Conversion

If existing data (paper records, spreadsheets or databases) needs to reside in MVP Plant, our team will perform precise data entry and / or conversion and make sure that it’s perfect in MVP Plant.

Implementation Planning

Once the core team has been trained, we’ll work one-on-one with them to plan a successful MVP Plant implementation. Data, Workflows, Standard Operating Procedures, and Resources will be reviewed and added.


Per the 21 CFR Software Validation Guidelines, software used in the implementation of the device manufacturer’s quality system (e.g., software that records and maintains the device history record) needs to be validated. If you are a FDA regulated manufacturer and need to validate MVP Plant, team with us and we’ll get MVP Plant validated for you, quickly and easily.

Calculate Your CMMS ROI Now!

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