“Maintenance and reliability is a game of chess, everything else is checkers.”

Prentice Cawley, Director of Engineering & Manufacturing Innovation, Dessert Holdings

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Make Reliability a Reality™.

Reliability Engineering Division

CMMS Data Group’s reliability division teaches maintenance and facilities departments how to use their CMMS data to achieve maintenance excellence and Make Reliability a Reality, giving companies a competitive edge. If your data isn’t there, we’ll teach you how to get it there and drive your improvement process.

Reliability Engineering Team

Offering over 55 years of reliability engineering experience…

Bill Mountjoy, CMRP, VP of Reliability Engineering

Bill Mountjoy leads the division with over 25 years of reliability engineering experience. He’s implemented maintenance and reliability excellence best practice methodologies for several Fortune 500 manufacturing companies (Ocean Spray Cranberries, Frito Lay, Kroger, and Kerry Ingredients & Flavours), supported over 150 global manufacturing operations, and has learned from the best, Don Nyman, the founding thought leader on maintenance excellence. His tactical plant level and strategic corporate level work experience consistently provides organizations a practical perspective on delivering real results, bringing more value to businesses and their customers.

CMMS Data Group recently hired Steve Janow as its Senior Reliability Consultant

Steve Janow, Sr. Reliability Consultant

With over 30 years of reliability engineering and maintenance management experience, Steve Janow has implemented best practice methodologies, reliability excellence, and CMMS software programs for various organizations and industries. His experience includes auditing and evaluating manufacturing facilities, customizing and implementing world-class maintenance training programs, developing PM programs, optimizing maintenance storerooms, and developing KPI reports to help users take advantage of their CMMS data.

John Ott, Reliability Consultant

With over 19 years of reliability engineering and planner / scheduler experience, John Ott is adept at applying reliability excellence best practices and has worked with many CMMS software programs over his career in the manufacturing industry. He has developed several Excel-based scheduling and reporting tools for a major manufacturing company. Ott has also provided extensive training and technical support to planner / schedulers across 32 manufacturing locations.

With Ruth’s (Founder & CEO) commitment to excellence, Bill’s (VP of Reliability Engineering) experience, and MVP Plant (CMMS software) as the thoroughbred, you have the perfect trifecta.

Brian Poveromo, Senior Facilities & Maintenance Manager, American Eagle Outfitters

Maintenance Excellence

When organizations achieve maintenance excellence and Make Reliability a Reality, they transition their maintenance function from a cost center to a profit center and realize the following:

  • Improved Mechanical Uptime
    • (World-Class Standard: 98%)
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction, Reliability, Capacity & Productivity
  • Maximized Profits
    • (Minimized Maintenance & Conversion Costs)
  • Mitigated Risk to Quality, Safety & Property Loss
  • Optimized Inventory
    • (Reduces equipment downtime by up to 25%.)

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