Preventive & Preventative Maintenance

PM = preventive maintenance = preventative maintenance

PM Development & Optimization Overview

Regardless of the state of your PMs, from start to finish, CMMS Data Group is here to help you and your team develop & optimize PMs and achieve Maintenance, Operations, & Reliability Excellence! (MORE!)
PMs are foundational to increasing asset reliability and achieving Maintenance & Reliability Excellence. Hence, PMs must be evaluated (like a controlled experiment) on a regular basis to determine whether they should be continued, modified, eliminated, or if new ones need to be created.
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Preventive Maintenance Goals

Increase reliability
Maximize asset life
Minimize maintenance costs
Preserve & protect equipment
Prevent, predict, minimize, or eliminate failures
Reduce breakdown material costs

PM Development

Asset Criticality

Determine  asset criticality.

Data Collection

Collect data.

  • Equipment manuals
  • Existing records
  • OEM customer references
  • Plants with similar equipment

PM Strategy

Determine strategy (for each asset) delivering the best financial impact to your organization.

  • PM
  • PdM
  • RFT

PM Development

Develop PMs to increase reliability.

PM optimization


Validate data.

  • Asset/PM relationships
  • Asset criticality ranking
  • Asset hierarchy
  • Downtime tracking
  • Work order history


Rank assets.

  • Asset criticality
  • Number & severity of safety incidences
  • Product quality-related issues
  • Total downtime impact
  • Total parts & labor repair costs


Optimize strategies.

  • Analyze historical data
  • Identify failure modes
  • Conduct content & financial impact review
  • Finalize optimal PM strategy (PM, PdM, RTF)


Discuss expected outcomes.

  • Efficient utilization of maintenance resources
  • Increased asset uptime, capacity, & life
  • Optimized PM strategy with JIT objective
  • Reduced operational costs


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