Facilities maintain large supply chain rooms to organize spare parts

A beautiful feature of CMMS / EAM software is the ability to display an equipment’s spare parts list in it. This is important because so many times, when a piece of equipment goes down, there’s a mad rush to find the equipment manual to determine what part is needed to correct the issue. Hopefully, the equipment manual hasn’t been checked out and is where it is supposed to be. If the equipment manual is available, then you have to page through it to find the spare parts lists. With CMMS / EAM software, just point and click to quickly find the parts information that you need.

Not only are spare part lists stored in a CMMS / EAM, but the stock location and the quantity on hand can readily be found, too. If the part is in stock, then that’s great news. Check the part out and you are on your way. If not, then within the CMMS / EAM, create a purchase request to kick off the purchasing cycle. If there’s no time to wait, find the vendor’s phone number in the CMMS / EAM and call the vendor to have the part overnighted.

Some CMMS / EAM software packages allow spare parts lists to be accessed from an iPad / tablet which is an excellent feature. This allows spare parts lists to be accessed, if needed, while maintaining a piece of equipment. Maintenance technicians no longer have to search for a workstation to find the parts information that they need. Spare parts information is available at their fingertips.

Finally, once you have been using your CMMS / EAM for a while, you can use part check out history to have your CMMS / EAM suggest not only what parts should be part of the spare parts list, but the quantity, too!