Proof is in the Pudding

Ruth Hughes, CMMS Data Group (CDG) Founder & CEO, recently published an article entitled “Buying Software Is Like Getting Married,” illustrating why prospective software packages and their owners must be thoroughly investigated before committing (signing the purchase agreement). Her article inspired me to present some very important information about MVP Plant™, our flagship Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software, to:

  • Help CMMS software buyers facilitate their decision-making process.
  • Reconfirm to our MVP Plant customers that MVP Plant is the best CMMS software package available on the market today.

(If you missed Ruth’s article, click here to read it.)

First, I would like to share that G2 recently recognized MVP Plant as one of the best CMMS solutions available in its Spring 2020 Grid® Reports. Next, I would like to relate G2’s findings with Ruth’s article to demonstrate why CDG is the ideal spouse (vendor) for anyone looking to purchase CMMS software.

Sales & Implementation Staff

MVP Plant scored a 97% on G2’s metric for Ease of Doing Business With, indicating that customers enjoy working with us in both the pre- and post-sale stages. Both the sales and consulting teams have an intimate knowledge of MVP Plant and understand what it takes for customers to achieve maintenance excellence and MVP Plant success. Additionally, Sales knows what customers need to make informed software decisions and consultants help customers understand both the software and business sides of the implementation, ensuring successful MVP Plant implementations. And some of our consultants are CMRP certified!

Technical Support

MVP Plant scored a 98% on G2’s metric for Quality of Support, reflecting our strong focus on customer service. Our technical support representatives are available by email, phone, or chat. Customers just love MVP Plant’s chat feature with an average response time of 10 seconds. We also offer a knowledge base to help customers troubleshoot and monthly tips giving users insight on how to use MVP Plant.

Enhancement Requests

MVP Plant scored a 95% on G2’s metric for Meets Requirements. To understand what customers need, you need to listen and we did. Hence, MVP Plant was built on years of customer feedback. And today, the development team continues to work closely with Sales and the professional services group (PSG) to improve the software. Additionally, customer feedback is collected via the enhancement request program. Using this feedback and the latest technologies, MVP Plant is continually improved and updates are rolled out every four months. Customers don’t have to wait long to see their wishes become a reality!

Ease of Use

MVP Plant scored a 94% on G2’s metric for Ease of Use. This rating is a testament to MVP Plant’s intuitive and straightforward interface which improves with every release. By making MVP Plant easy to use and understand, end users take full advantage of the benefits the software has to offer.

Likelihood to Recommend

We provide organizations with technology and expertise to work smarter and more efficiently, giving them a competitive edge. This, along with MVP Plant’s features, functionality, and ease of use is why MVP Plant scored a 95% on G2’s metric for Likelihood to Recommend.


Buying software is like getting married (a long-term commitment) which is why we go above and beyond to help you realize a return on your software investment and ensure a happy and successful marriage. So when you’re ready to propose, we’ll be ready and happy to commit.

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About CMMS Data Group

Founded in 2000, CMMS Data Group is the market leader in CMMS software and services. Led by the award-winning MVP Plant™ CMMS software combined with its professional services and technical support, the Company also provides comprehensive Reliability Engineering Services. These solutions empower maintenance and reliability professionals to increase customer satisfaction, reliability, capacity, and productivity, delivering a competitive edge to their organization.