Investing in a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) will result in a swift ROI. Scheduled maintenance, managed inventory, inspections, predictive tasks, and other capabilities can prevent and preempt problems before they become costly break-downs. Downtime is costly, but you can avoid it if you are using your CMMS software to it’s full potential.

These 5 time and money-saving tips will help you maximize the ROI on your CMMS software:

  1. Apply SOPs to everything you possibly can: Optimize the way you submit, process, and check out work orders. Use your CMMS software to keep track of ordering and receiving spare parts. Standard Operating Procedures will help you streamline your facility maintenance.
  2. Standardize your data formats: This means establishing one style for numbers on  equipment, inventory, and work orders. Pay attention to nomenclature as well. There should not be more than one abbreviation for “bearing” in your system.
  3. Manage your inventory: With good CMMS software, inventory levels and locations are available to employees at the click of a button. Reduce downtime by eliminating wasted time searching for parts and the need to pay for expedited freight. Tracking your inventory will also allow you to discover the total costs of spare parts consumed by each machine.  
  4. Optimize your maintenance efforts: Utilize all of the tools in your CMMS software: PMs, predictive tasks, failure analysis, calibrations, inspections, meter data, PLC integration, automated work order generation, and automated inventory re-order points. These tools will all help your facility maintenance crew to increase efficiency and uptime.  
  5. Get a thorough audit of your CMMS software: Thoroughly auditing your CMMS software is the fastest way to see where you are not using it to it’s full potential. Take a detailed at what kind of data you are pulling from your facility and how you are using it in reports. The better your reports are, the more you will be in control of your facility maintenance.

It is worth your time to thoroughly analyze your CMMS software to see if you are maximizing your maintenance efforts. At CMMS Data Group, we offer full-service maintenance and facilities audits to help maximize your efficiency. To learn more, contact us today!